What brought Denise to this idea to share

… I’ve been listening for a long time and felt called or nudged to DO something with that.

I would say that each piece of this course came together guided by intuition and ’unseen guidance’ by way of inspiration filtering through to my awareness over a period of years.

Grief is such a tender topic and hardly able to be spoken of by some.

I don’t have all the answers, I am here to sit with you and your questions and discomfort and let us be curious together about how we can be with our collective and personal grief in kind, self responsible, self compassionate, transformative, healing, nurturing and most definitely, creative ways.

I have had decades experience of being with a variety of losses that have taken me into some dark, deep healing places. 

What I have noticed is how much of a healing modality creativity is. It can be as humble and ‘unimportant’ as scribbling on a page,

and collaging an image from a magazine ... to recently, creating large paintings of gardens and trees that took me many many hours…

Creativity has been a gentle yet powerful and transformative companion all that time in a wide variety of ways.

This course holds a bundle of these stories, examples and journal creations for each one of these life altering experiences.

It is my heart's wish that you would benefit from such an offering, with gentle guidance and companionship on holding space for some of our grief

and losses with eachother, as we gather here at this virtual table.

I am also present to this:

“You always teach others what you most need to learn. You are your own worst student."

(recently I read Elizabeth Lesser’s book : BROKEN OPEN - How difficult times can help us grow. I found this gem in there)

In response to the devastating bushfires in Australia I painted ‘Plovers Crossing’ illustrating ‘my painted prayer’ for the land to be restored and rejuvenated with vibrant new growth after the fires.

video: recent post on my instagram sharing a bit about my approach, and

introducing the idea of Holding Space for Grief using Colour.

Kookaburra Conversation

… the two birds chatting on this branch actually have come to remind me of my father-in-law Filippo (on the right) and my dad Tony Fahey on the left...

the one on the left looks more like a kingfisher, although it wasn’t intended to when I was painting it …

Both my husband’s father and my Dad have crossed over now… and they were both quite forthright and harsh in their communication at times.

It makes me smile to imagine them having a conversation, birds are a healing presence to me and bearers of messages too I believe.