What kinds of grief might this hold?

Holding Space for Grief using Colour

a workshop by Denise Daffara - available as a private workshop in person

may this offering be a gift to your heart.​

Bringing yourself to this class is a step in bravery toward your own healing, I honour your courage. 

​I seek to offer you a creative way to hold space for yourself... for a part of you that is within your reach, perhaps for a message that is ready to be heard by you.

​And by breathing into this present moment, arriving at our table, moving some colour around, we’ll create a little book, and listen within for whispers of our own inner guidance as we go.

​Denise x

I will guide you through the steps of creating your book via video demonstration.

​​We begin by entering into our quiet place within... by simply taking some deep, slow, breaths. 

What kinds of grief?

What kinds of grief?

Anything that has you lost in pain, regret and worry can be linked to grief ... there are so many stages of grief and they are not linear.. we can spiral and swing from all manner of feelings.

  • death of a parent
  • death of a partner
  • death of a child
  • death of a close friend
  • death of a beloved teacher
  • ending of a relationship
  • loss of wellness
  • chronic pain
  • loss of youth
  • ending of an era
  • death of a pet
  • end of a career
  • change of relationship
  • empty nest
  • covid distancing
  • misunderstandings
  • menopause
  • anticipatory grief

the list could be endless . 

Key points to this exercise:

  • going to your quiet place within
  • being present to what is wanting to come up
  • allowing yourself to play, using colour, moving energy around in a very gentle way
  • self awareness, self acceptance, self compassion are all accessible to us, lean in to these
  • giving our thoughts and feelings a place to land, on our paper 
  • it is possible that something can be transmuted using intentional creativity 
  • letting go of judgment and letting ourself speak our truth

Key learnings:

  • learning to trust our inner guidance
  • listening to our inner wisdom
  • a way of using creativity in support of our grief
  • bringing feelings to the surface for acknowledgement
  • colour can hold memories that we assign to it 
  • colour has a vibration

from a lovely lady in Florida who was able to connect with her Mother using this process ‘Holding Space for Grief Using Colour'

"Hi Denise,

I live in Coral Springs, Florida and I am writing about your free mini workshop "Holding Space for Grief using Colour".

I found this class very powerful. You shared from your heart and gave me the needed support to trust and let go. The energy of color is amazing; add to that the power of the written word plus intention and you can gently communicate with love ones that have crossed ahead of us. 

I would like to share that I wrote a thank you letter to my mother who passed 7 years ago. She was 99. That night I dreamed that an Angel was handling me a square black velvet but almost flat box about 6 x 6 inches. Inside, in the center, there was a beautiful gold pen. I think my mom is telling me to write to her again. I am delighted! 

This was the first time I was able to communicate with my mother. My dad, on the other hand, gave me signs and messages since the day he parted 23 years ago.

Denise, Thank you very much for your teachings!  

Much love,